Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I entered a give-a-way at Andi's blog, and I won! It was for the "Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines." The title may sound dry, but let me tell you, the book is anything but dry! It arrived late last week and it is a beautiful, interesting book. A wonderful book for a Christian homeschooling mom!
Thanks Andi!
These pages tell about different festivals/holidays in the Bible
The Tabernacle


Christian History Timeline


Perri said...

I told you it was really cool. I may have to order one for myself rathe than borrow Andi's.

KellieC said...

That book looks so cool! We are having a lazy morning here. It's just after 7 and I can't get motivated. As long as we are moving by 8:30, the day should go fine. This morning I would rather cuddle up with that amazing new book of yours than jump into my day after a very busy week! Hugs to you, Kellie PS Where and when are we getting together?

KellieC said...

Hey, do you know Christy Coombs? John's cousin? She'll be here on Friday for dinner. I didn't know if you knew her or would like to get in touch with her. Just wanted to let you know I'd pass on your info if you'd allow me to, or wanted to get in touch.

have a great Monday!!!! I should update my blog soon. Lyn is home from college and we are BUSY>>

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