Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm Gonna Wash That Color Right Out of My Hair...

Once upon a time there was a twenty something young woman who was going gray. "I can't go gray this young!" she exclaimed.  So she bought her first box of Clairol.  Throughout her 30's she colored her hair....she started with brown and then decided to become a redhead. She entered her 40's as a redhead and continued buying a box of color each month.  When she was 46 she decided she needed professional help...a professional hair stylist that is. She loved having her hair colored by her wonderful hair stylist, but she still had to buy "the box" each month to keep up with her gray roots. The woman's loving husband encouraged her to let her hair go gray, but she insisted that she was "too young."  When she turned 48, she finally decided that she was ready...ready to go gray!  She gave her roots one last boost to get her through a family wedding, and then she stopped.  No more "boxes" more color from her hair stylist.  How would she make this awkward transition though?  She researched ways to go gray and finally decided that she would do something drastic. She went to her hair stylist and had her long locks cut off!  Fortunately, her hair stylist was very talented and cut her hair in such a way as to camouflage her skunk stripe for her!  After four and a half months passed, she was finally free from "the box" once and for all!

 Here I am as a redhead

 Here I am in May of 2014

 This is mid-July -- first cut.  (Also going through cancer
treatment on my nose)

 This is my second cut all grown out -- but it shows that the
color is still on the ends of my hair.  Easy transition!

This is October 3, 2014.  The tips of my bangs have a bit of
color left on them, but the rest is my new natural!

All in all, it's been an easy journey. I told my hair stylist today that the weirdest thing for me is to see myself in pictures. I'm used to seeing myself in the mirror, but when I look at myself in a picture I don't recognize myself!  I guess that will change over time. 

If you are contemplating letting yourself go gray...I say go for it!  It has been the most freeing experience!

I did it!!! My "Gray" Journey is Complete!

Today I had my final cut on my hair journey!  Going short with my hair was definitely the right way to do it.  My biggest adjustment was going from long hair to short hair....the transition to gray was very, very simple!  Again, my wonderful hairdresser helped me with a great cut!

So, here's my latest cut.  There's actually just a tiny bit of hair color on the tips of my bangs, but other than that, the rest is my new natural!  

The shadow is really bad on this one, but it shows the side of my  hair better. My mom had a white streak in her hair, and it looks like I inherited that streak!  The sides definitely have more brown in them than the top!

Overall I'm very pleased with my transition!  Now I can decide if I want to continue with this style or let it grow out a little bit.  But one thing I know...NO MORE COLORING!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cut Deux

Welllllll, I was really late on taking a picture.  I'm actually getting cut #3 tomorrow!  So, this is really, really grown out!  I wanted to document the color though.  So, here is cut two:

You can see the grown out color on the ends, but it really has not been bad at all!  I'm actually quite amazed at how easy it has been to grow out my color. I've had lots of people ask about it.  They're not sure if I'm letting myself go gray, or if I have some funky frosting going on.  I've gotten lots of compliments.

We'll see how it looks tomorrow. Almost all of the bottle color should be going bye-bye!

The First Cut

So I took the plunge and got a major haircut in July!  The timing was not the best....we had just gone through a death in our family and I was using chemo cream on my nose, so it was very unsightly. Let's just say my emotions were raw, my self esteem was low, and I was about to possibly make it worse by cutting my hair off and going gray!

However, my hairdresser is amazing!!! 

I LOVED the cut she gave me!  The gray didn't show through as much as I thought it would, and it was really easy to fix!  You can see the gray peeking through, but I had some more time before I really went gray!

So, yep...not showing the nose.  :)

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."