Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th

St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Spend too much money on candy, roses and cards day

Not a day for frugal people!

Actually I love Valentine's Day. Neal and I just don't do anything for each other anymore. We did for many years and then one year we decided we weren't going to do it any longer. Our anniversary is February 23rd. We will be married 17 years next week, btw. Anyway, money has never been overly plentiful around here and trying to buy gifts and cards and dinner for each other two weeks in a row got difficult...especially after the kids came along. So one year we decided we were going to do for others on Valentine's Day and not ourselves. So we started inviting people over for dinner who didn't have family (like widows or widowers). Last year we were invited to another family's house, which was very nice too. :o) This year we've had a crazy week this week, and we ended up being invited to my in-laws house tonight, so that's where we're going. We did buy the kids gifts (although they don't know it yet). We're not cheap...really. We just don't like to spend money on a day just because "Hallmark" and the florist tells us we need to. So, we don't!

Now next week...that's another story! ;o)

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Jeremiah 29:11

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