Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Da Mooooon!!!!

For those of you who've been asleep for the last few days and did not go out after dark last night, we had a Total Lunar Eclipse! If you missed it, don't despair...there will be another one in December of 2010!

Now, please do not laugh at my photography skills. I really don't think my Sony Cyber-shot was made to take pictures of items 238,857 miles night. And in case you're wondering how I know how far away the moon is, I asked my new favorite website: WikiAnswers.

This picture, although blurry, shows the beautiful colors of the moon last night.

And here's another shot, taken with the same setting, but the colors didn't come through nearly as vibrant.

The kids and I had fun watching the eclipse after church last night. Neal was in bed in a self-induced Nyquil coma. He said at one point a noise woke him up and he said "oh, good, the Navy shot down that satellite." Ahhhh, Nyquil...


Gwen said...

Those are just beautiful, Teresa! We enjoyed watching the eclipse but I never even thought to try to photograph it. Great job!

Theresa said...

Actually your pics turned out great! Thanks for posting them. We were all inside sick. My Mom called - she lives in the country so no light pollution like in the city, and she said there were bazillions of stars out at the same time and that it was really awesome. She called because she was wishing that we were there to share it with her! Neat to see your pics and know.

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