Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach

If you like to play miniature golf (or putt-putt), Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the place for you! They have the most interesting and fun putt-putt courses I have seen anywhere! The problem is deciding which one to go to!

One way to narrow it down is to see who is offering coupons in the little coupon books you can pick up anywhere around town. I actually found my coupon on-line before we left for our trip. It was a good thing I did, too, because these particular putt-putt courses did not have coupons in the little books we picked up.

I also called around for prices. The "going rate" for putt-putt on the Grand Strand is around $8.00 or $8.50. Coupons are typically $1.00 off per person. Some places have cheaper rates before 6:00...others are the same all day long.

The first course we went to was Cancun Lagoon. It was a cloudy, slightly rainy day. This course is an indoor/outdoor course. Nine of the eighteen holes were indoors, and the other nine were outside. If it had been raining hard they would have let us redo the indoor holes to make up for the outside course. It was only sprinkling when we came to the outside courses, so we headed on out. We were glad we did too, it was so pretty and one of the coolest holes was outside!

Here is Beth putting in an indoor hole.

Beth and Ben posing for a shot. Ben was being a little silly!

Here are the three of us posing outside the course. We had just arrived and were excited to get started!

Here's an outside shot of Cancun Lagoon.

The outside of this mini-golf was shaped like a pyramid!

This is one of the outside holes. You putt up at the top and then the ball falls over the edge, and plinks down this board. This was our favorite hole!

After finishing your game, you put your ball into a machine. If you are a lucky winner (which I was!) you win a free game at one of their other courses. Soooo, the next day my mom said "how about we go play treat!" How could I refuse?

Mutiny Bay:

Here is the big pirate ship in front of Mutiny Bay. About half way through the course there is a pirate show. Cannons fire and a building catches on fire! It's amazing the amount of time that was put into these courses!

Ben being a Ham .... Ta-Daaa!!!

Here's my mom showing us how to do it!

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