Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Our homeschool group went on a field trip to Monticello on October 3rd. For those of you not familiar with Monticello, that is the home of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. His vacation home is a short distance from our home, and it is called Poplar Forest. It is a smaller version of Monticello.

Monticello (pronounced: Mont a chello)

Those shadow people showed up again!

One section of the huge vegetable garden.

Mom went along with us. She enjoyed everything except the bus ride ... I think we were a bit rowdy for her!

Thomas Jefferson was an inventor. This was on the ceiling of one of his porches. There is a weather vane on top of the house and when it turns, the arrow on this device turns. That way you can see which direction the wind is blowing without going outside to look at the weather vane.

A close-up of Monticello.

A view from the grounds.

Monticello is in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you're ever in the area it is an interesting historical stop!

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Jeremiah 29:11

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