Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two things

Okay, I have one funny and one serious.

Serious first: If you all don't mind, would you say a prayer for my Mom's cat Shadow? I know it may sound trivial to some, but Mom loves this cat, and he's been sick for a week now. I'm hoping to get him in at the Vet this morning. She tried yesterday but they were booked. She's going to be gone all day and she was going to wait until tomorrow but he looks so pitiful this morning I told her I'd take him. He isn't eating (he's a 20 lb cat with no appetite for a week -- something's wrong!), and he just lays around. He usually goes to the woods to go to the bathroom, but now he just goes in Mom's flower bed. He's only two years old, so something has to be wrong. I'll update later.

Funny: Yesterday Ben told me he needed toothpaste. I asked him what kind and he said Aqua Fresh, and then he proceeded to read all the benefits of using this particular brand. At one point he said "it fights Plague!" Beth (laughing) said, "it's not plaGue, it's plaQue!"

So if you know of anyone with the Plague, give them Aqua Fresh!

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Writer, Splinters of said...

This sounds similar to what my Jack Russell was experiencing. The vet concluded that she has Addison's disease. We now have her on Prednisone and Fludrocort (the generic of Florinef) and she seems to be back to normal. Wish you the best with Shadow.


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