Friday, July 20, 2007


My little girl is growing up. She had her first church youth group activity last night. It was a pool party with the 7th and 8th graders. Neal and I chaperoned, and had an interesting and enjoyable time.

1. 30 minutes into the party the clouds started rolling in.
2. 45 minutes into the party the lightening started and all the kids had to get out of the pool.
3. We had to sit outside for 2 hours and 15 minutes more and watch the lightening while the kids were running around outside. (no rain yet)
4. We had to watch our daughter try not to be too disappointed when we wouldn't let her run around outside, with all her friends, while there was so much lightening.
5. We had to watch our daughter try not to appear too disappointed when we left 45 minutes early because we didn't want to sit down in the basement watching 45 minutes of a movie.
6. Did I mention our supper was corn dogs? Tasted good, but not on my diet. ;o)
7. We had an enjoyable time visiting with one other set of parents who also didn't let their kids run around in the lightening...and left even earlier than we did.
8. Thrilled when our daughter asked if we could have an activity at our house sometime. (maybe she wasn't too embarrassed by her old mom and pop!)

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least they all got out of the pool. I thought that folks where there were a lot of storms like that were smarter than Californians. I'm surprised anyone let them play outdoors. Maybe they should watch Storm Stories. We saw one episode where a man was struck by a lightening strike that had originated over a mile away from him. It might have been as many as four miles away, I can't remember the exact distance. Bringing that up usually gets my kids right in the house if we ever have a storm here. (None this year but they are more common here than at our old house.)


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