Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Great Kids' Band

When we lived in Georgia, Neal worked with a guy named Danny. Danny was in a children's band called The Sunny-Side Up Band. Beth was about two the first time we heard them, and she fell in love with music. I can remember going to a local festival and hearing them live. Beth got out in front of the stage and danced. She had a blast! We've purchased all of their cd's and still enjoy listening to them.

I thought of them tonight when I was looking at my friend Perri's blog. She has a short video on there of her granddaughter, Sophie, dancing to some music. It reminded me of Beth.

If you have young kids, check out the Sunny-Side Up Band's website and listen to some samples of their music. There's even a video of one of their newer songs. You can see Neal's coworker, Danny, playing the guitar.

My favorite cd is still the first one they made -- "Walk Tall and Sing a Sweet Song." I think it's most appealing to toddlers and preschoolers. You can hear bits of every song on their website though.

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