Monday, July 16, 2007


We had a good weekend! Neal and I had a date night on Friday. Beth and Ben spent the night with their grandparents, while Neal and I went to the movies and dinner. We are blessed with a "dollar theater" in our town, so we don't have to pay the astronomical prices at the regular theater...we just have to wait a bit longer. We went to see Fantastic Four - The Silver Surfer. It was pretty good. The Fantastic Four are not my favorite, but it was an entertaining, action packed movie. And did I mention it was only $1.00? LOL Then we went to a local Mexican restaurant. I was craving mexican food, and it had been ages since we'd eaten in a mexican restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the salsa was lame. Neal said it was basically ketchup. ;oP After dinner, we went to blockbuster and rented a few movies. I'm in the midst of a handwriting job, so I like to have something to watch, er...listen to while I'm writing. We watched The Last Sin Eater. I had already read the book, but they did a pretty good job of remaking it into a movie. We watched another movie about Idi Ameen, but I would not recommend it at all. Then on Saturday we watched the documentary Supersize Me, which follows a guy through a 30 day McDonald's only diet. It was pretty insightful. I'd recommend it, but not for children.

Other than that I've pretty much been doing my handwriting. We did go to church, and that was nice. :o) I have over 850 envelopes addressed...only a little over 600 to go!

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Anonymous said...

Gee, and I thought the drive-in with a double feature for $7 bucks was a deal. I liked the movie too, but not as much as I later liked Transformers (and I thought I was going to hate that one).


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