Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Update

Things are going well in our little "B" hive! Speaking of bees...Beth was sitting on the wicker furniture on the front porch when she discovered that underneath her cushion was a hornet's nest! Her Daddy came to the rescue and sprayed the nest. Thank goodness she didn't get stung!

We had a good week of school! Yaah! Things are getting back to normal. B

Today Beth mowed the grass, and Mom and I worked in the garden. Neal's Dad bought us some tomato plants today, so Mom and I prepared the soil to plant them, and we got two rows prepared to plant green beans. We'll do that tomorrow. I'll also have to use the push mower and mow the blueberry patch, our campsite, and the kids playground. It should only take me 30 or 45 minutes...not too bad.

Our friends, the Youngs, brought us a delicious meal tonight: Wet Burritos, spanish rice, salad, chips/salsa, and Dirt Dessert. Tracey called me yesterday and asked me what is Neal's favorite dessert. He said pudding and candy bars. :o) So she made a yummy dirt dessert (not sure of all the ingredients, but it's a pudding with crushed oreos on top -- I know it has more than that though.) She also sprinkled some M&Ms and mini candy bars on top. Neal LOVED it!

He and the kids are watching cartoons right now. His last words to me earlier were, "this has been a good day. We got a lot accomplished and we had a great supper!" He's so easy to please.

We watched another John Wayne movie tonight (at Ben's request) -- "Cahill." It was a good one. Last night we watched "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." Although John Wayne was in it, Jimmy Stewart was the main character. It was a good movie, as well. I'm so thankful we have TV Guardian though. Even though these movies were made in the 70's or earlier, some of them still have a lot of curse words. As my Dad used to say "they weren't in there when they came out...someone must have added them later!" LOL

Have a good weekend, All!

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