Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and PIGS

Yesterday (Mother's Day) we went to church with our moms. Mine and Neal's moms go to the same church, so it was nice to attend with them yesterday. After church, Neal's family had a dinner in the fellowship hall. Since all of Neal's immediate family were there, we got some family pictures.

This is the entire family including Neal's Grandpa. Back row (L-R): Grandpa, Neal, Teresa, Gary (Neal's Dad), Betty (Neal's Mom), Beth; Front row (L-R): Jessica (Neal's youngest sister),Janet (Neal's other sister) and Ben.

Here's our family minus Grandpa

And here's Neal with his parents and sisters

Once upon a time I was decorating my kitchen with roosters and in my living room I had Willow Tree figures....

Now we have had an invasion of PIGS!

The big pig is from Janet, The stuffed pig on the left is from Gary Lawhorne (that's Wilbur from Charlotte's Web), the paper mache pig was made by Beth, Janet gave Neal the rubber, squishy pig, and the Virginia Tech pig is from Jessica:

Here's Beth's pig:

Here's a pig trivet from Gary Lawhorne:

Gary (Neal's Dad) contributed this to the collection:

And here's a close-up of the pig from Jessica. It says "Somebody at Virginia Tech Loves Me." :o)

Just in case anyone has been wondering...even though Neal has a pig part implanted in his body, he has not started grunting, nor has he given up on eating pork!

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