Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happenings in the Hive

Our neighbors have chickens, and although they usually stay in their own yard, sometimes they wander into ours!

6:00 am...the day after Thanksgiving! Ben's first time hunting.

Mighty hunters are ready to go get meat!

Neal's Dad gave Neal and his sister Janet tickets to a Virginia Tech football game a couple of weeks ago. It was really cold and there was even snow on the ground. See all the orange? If you look close, you might even see a Hokie bird!

Touchdown! I was on the phone with Neal when the fireworks went off. It was loud even on the phone!

Tech wins! (Sorry Duke...)

Beth's 14th birthday! Beth had her party a month early this year, so we had our family come over for dinner. I made Beth's favorite: Mexican! In this picture is Neal's Dad, Neal's sister Jessica, and Neal.

Beth and her Mamaw (my mom)

Beth and Grandma and Grandpa

Beth being "gangsta" in her new jacket and sunglasses.

Aunt Janet being a friendly gangsta

Aunt Jessica being a bug (she said the sunglasses make her look like a bug!)

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Jeremiah 29:11

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