Thursday, May 10, 2007

Got It!

On Tuesday we had to take my mom's cat, Shadow to the vet. For the second time in one month he got bit in the behind by another cat -- a black cat we called Mystery -- and it abscessed. The vet told us we needed to get a Have a Heart trap and catch that cat, or else we'd be coming back to his office very few weeks. So after dishing out the $60 to the vet, we went and purchased a $30 trap (I say "we", but actually it was Mom who did all the bill paying).

We set the trap out on Tuesday evening and checked it on Wednesday...nothing. That was kind of a relief, because I kept thinking we'd catch an opossum, a raccoon, or a skunk. This morning (Thursday) Neal and I got up for our 6:30 walk and I went down the path first to check on the trap. When I was still several yards away from it I could see that we had caught something. It was black. I hollered back to Neal and told him we'd caught it, but I was still actually wondering if it was a skunk. As I got closer though, I could see that it was the black cat! Yaah!!! I couldn't believe it. The funny thing is it looks exactly like Shadow. They're probably brothers.

So, at 10:00 when the Animal Shelter opened, there we were with cat in hand -- or in cage -- and we passed him on to their care. I did make a request though that no one on our road adopt him!!! :o)

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Dancing Boys Mom said...

Glad you caught it. That could get expensive having to go to the vet everytime the cat gets into a fight.

Been reading but been having trouble with blogger. I have it figured out now and it will let me post comments again. (Watch it not work this time. lol)

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