Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peach Picking

Tuesday we had a fun day going to an orchard about an hour away. We went to pick peaches with some of our good friends. Here are some pictures from our fun day (by the way, the mountains you see in the background on part of the Blue Ridge Mountains!)

One of the many peach trees in the orchard.

Kids picking peaches.

Beth and Raven

Ben and Jamie

Orchards are also a great place for racing!

Ben trying to decide which peach to pick!

Our friends picking peaches.

My good friend Jackie!

The store also sold candy...of course the kids had to have a stick!

Hmmmmm....decisions, decisions!

Peaches all picked and ready to sell.

After picking peaches, we went back to Jackie's house (she only lives 15 minutes from the orchard) and had lunch. After lunch she made a Peach Crisp, and it was SO good! She bought lots of peaches, but I only bought a "peck" (a pretty small bag...maybe 20 peaches or so). I made a cobbler last night and it was a huge hit. We've also had peach and blueberry oatmeal for breakfast.

It's worth it to go to this orchard just for the views! It was beautiful!


Theresa said...

Nummy! I love peaches! Those trees in the orchard were so short. Are they young or just a type of tree that is like that? My Grandma's trees were at least twice that in height. I'm enjoying catching up on your blog.

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the farm you guys went looks beautiful!

VaQueenBee said...

This orchard is Gross' Orchard near the Peaks.

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