Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Neal's Addition to the Husband Meme

I know many people do not read the comments, so I thought I would post what Neal wrote about the previous "Husband Meme."

I would also have to add liver, cooked carrots, and salmon to foods I don't like.

I like any kind of sandwich that I happen to be eating that particular day - but my favorite is a Whopper with extra pickles. Other than that I will eat anything if necessary. I am ready for the Great Depression II where we have to eat rocks and twigs and stuff like that including the parts that now go into souse and hotdogs.

I REALLY dont like sweaters - they are hot and itchy and you can't take them off.

So, there you go...Neal's revision to my aforementioned post! But my question is "what is souse???"

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Neal-the DAD said...

if you have to ask what souse is - then you dont want to know. Look for it in the lunchmeat section in the old style plastic container like what bologna used to come in. I guess souse is the same as bologna but with a rougher GRIND so you can see the hair and bone and other parts

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