Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flannel and Frappuccino

Friday night was our youth group's 2nd annual Flannel and Frappuccino night! This is a night where you go to church in your flannel pj's, bring your homemade cardboard car (or pay $2 admission) and watch a movie "drive-in" style. What a blast! My dear friend, Jackie, makes the frappuccino's and I had the distinct honor of being her helper this year! Just call me Whip Cream Girl! ;o)

Along with your admission you get two free items at the snack bar, and anything over that you can buy with real money. I'm sure all the kids had a hard time going to sleep that night with their caffeine buzzes!

The movie this year was "Night at the Museum." I'd never seen it before (and I still haven't seen all of it) but it's a pretty good movie. Very funny! It's really hard to find a movie these days that you can show to a group of teenagers at church! Even this one had a couple of questionable parts, but it would be hard to find a cleaner movie out there. Last year they watched "Facing the Giants" which if you haven't seen it, is an excellent, totally decent movie!

Here's our youth pastor introducing the movie:

Here's Beth and her best friend Erin sitting in Beth's car. Beth spent most of her free time for the past week and a half working on her car. She had so much fun! Notice the headlights on the car!

Here are Beth and Ben taking a "ride" in the basement. See the fish symbols? My idea! ;o)

Here are some of the other kids cars. They had a contest, and all of the teens were able to vote on their favorite cars in differing categories. There were some pretty creative cars there! One was shaped like a banana and another like a crib. Too cute!

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Theresa said...

This is such a cool idea! Beth's car is cute.

Jeremiah 29:11

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