Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our Weekend

I need to be in bed, so I'll make this quick.

Friday night: After dinner I built up my courage and went to the grocery store. Why did I need to build up my courage, you ask? Because I did my "once-a-month" shopping. I was doing this regularly this time last year, but then slacked off of it. This is my first month back doing this in quite some time. I had lots of coupons that could be doubled, and I had some coupons that were specifically for Kroger, so that's where I went. Before coupons my bill came to over $230, but after coupons it was less than $203! That was the bulk of my shopping.

Saturday morning: Beth and I left for MTW (Ministry Training Workshop)at our church at 7:30 am. They served us breakfast from 7:45 to 8:15, and then we had four different workshop sessions to sit in on. Each session started with a skit by our pastoral staff. Every year they spoof a movie or tv show. Last year was our first year going and they spoofed "Home Improvement." This year they spoofed the movie "Back to the Future." It was hilarious!

The theme of our workshop was Unity, and making decision that will effect the future of our church. It was a very timely theme as we are in the process of building a new sanctuary. Beth and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. During the last session, instead of a speaker they gave us a tour of our new building. It will not be ready to move into until Easter, but we were able to stand in the sanctuary and see what it looks like. Our pastor told a funny story while we were waiting on everyone to file in, and his wife told him that would be remembered as his first "sermon" in the new building. We also had a question and answer session, and then we prayed and sang the Doxology. It was beautiful. After the 4th session we had a pizza lunch and a time of fellowship. It was great fun!

After MTW, Beth and I went to SAMS Club to finish my monthl shopping. I spent $118 (that included some flourescent lightbulbs and a huge bag of catfood). So my total spending for the month was $320. I know I'll have to purchase perishable items and milk and eggs, but I should stay under $400 for the entire month. My goal is $100 a week (including pet stuff, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.) so it looks like I may make it.

In case your wondering what the benefit of monthly shopping is, this is what I've found. When I walk into Walmart once or twice a week for food, I end up making impulse purchases. I spend much more money on groceries that way, than if I do a once a month trip. It's a little time consuming to make a monthly menu and food list, but it's worth it! Plus, for an entire month I don't have to ask myself "what am I going to cook tonight?" I just have to look at my calendar on the refrigerator and say "Oh, tonight is chili night." Pretty nice!

Today was a pretty normal Sunday. We went to church this morning and then rushed on home for lunch. Neal took a hunter safety class Saturday and Sunday and I had to get him fed before he went to his 1:00 class. I took a nice, long nap this afternoon, and then went back to church tonight. After church I met a friend at Barnes and Noble for coffee and then took Ben to McDonald's after that. Beth was at an "After Glow" with her youth group, so I had to kill time until I could pick her up.

I spent about an hour down at Mom's tonight talking and now I'm ready for bed. After all....

...Tomorrow is another day


dbmom said...

So once a month shopping saves money? I'll have to get organized and do that some day. Wish they still doubled coupons here. That went out nearly five years ago.

Teresa said...

dbmom -- it is a remarkable savings for us...i always pick up "impulse items" and if I don't go to the store weekly, it saves on those impulse buys.

Kroger doubles up to 50 cent coupons here, but unfortunately I do most of my shopping at walmart.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."