Friday, March 14, 2008

The Latest in Fashion

I love making homemade bread, but for some reason I get "air pockets" at the top of my bread. This time, however, it was a bit ridiculous:

Beth said "Look Mom, it's a Vera 'Breadly'." Cute, Beth!


Marsha said...

LOL about your Vera Breadly!

I wish I had some bread advice, but alas I am not a bread baker... not yet anyway!

Theresa said...

Is your bread made in a mixer? hand? bread machine? When you make your loaves you are getting a bubble near the surface. You can work this out by hand, but the bread machine can't! WRite me more off blog if you need help brainstorming on this. I know about lots of mistakes in bread making! HA HA! I'm learning from my own's still a fun experience. Cute bag and cheaper than a real Vera!

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