Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We had an adventure today! We went to Lowe's and Walmart! WooHoo!!!

This was Neal's first time into a store since surgery and it went really well. We only had a couple of items to pick up, and he didn't have any trouble with the walking. We also ran into several people we knew and had a nice chance to chat with some friends.

After our adventure into town, we came home and our next door neighbor came to visit. She brought us a yummy box full of fruit, bagels, and snacks. Very sweet! We had a nice visit with her, and then her daughter (who is a nurse at the hospital) came by for a few minutes, as well. After they left, our friends Marie and Jorge came by and brought us supper. I could get used to having meals delivered to my door! LOL But if it's at the price of having major surgery, then I think I'll cook my own meals. ;o) Marie made vegetarian tacos and they were yummy! She also made a spicy coleslaw that was wonderful! Ben's favorite part was the chocolate cake. Thanks, Marie!

We also had a package waiting for us when we got home. Neal's co-worker/friend, Bruce, sent him a big box of oranges and grapefruit. They look delicious. Breakfast tomorrow will be bagels and fruit! Can't wait to try fresh Florida oranges!

I took the kids to church tonight and then came home to stay with Neal. Neal's sister Janet came over and brought him a gift. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. Let's just say we now have a pig theme going on in our house!

Walmart and Lowe's may not be exciting to most people, but two weeks post surgery it's a big Adventure!

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Jeremiah 29:11

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