Thursday, April 24, 2008


During our "intermission" while watching our latest John Wayne movie "True Grit," Neal had gone back to the bathroom and the kids and I were in the kitchen. All of a sudden we hear what sounds like yelling coming from the bathroom. Of course my heart leapt into my throat as Ben says "that's Daddy!" I took off running back to the bathroom and there was Neal standing in front of the sink yelling/singing "Omaha, Omahaaaaaa." I just about lost it. My chest tightened up and I started to hyperventilate. Finally as I caught my breath tears just started pouring down my face, and I was trembling from head to toe. He scared me to death!!!

Why was he singing "Omaha?" Earlier this week we received notice that we were going to receive a package from Omaha Steaks on Thursday. Neal heard a vehicle on the driveway and looked out the window and saw the UPS truck. He was just announcing in his unique way that the Omaha Steaks were here!

It's been about 30 minutes since this happened and I'm just now getting to where I'm not shaking. So those of you who have been praying for Neal, please continue to do so...but don't forget me in those prayers. I think I'm gonna need them!!!

Now, as for the shipment from Omaha Steaks. Neal's aunt and cousins in Connecticut whom we fondly refer to as "the Connecticut Beasleys," sent them to Neal! They sent us 16 gourmet burgers, 12 steak burgers, and 8 gourmet franks. Wow! What a treat! We'll be firing up the grill this weekend. :o)

Here's some pictures of what we received, along with Neal showing his appreciation. If the pictures are a bit blurry, it's because I was still shaking!!!

Neal giving a thumbs up when he heard what was in the packages!

Here are the packages and the cooler they arrived in.

Sorry'll have to wait until Saturday!

Thank you Mary Beth, Robin, Scot, Sean, Cale, Rick, Raeann, Larry, Jessica, Ron, Bena, Kyle and Ruthie! We love you guys!!!


Perri said...

You can tell he's feeling better -- he's just got to be calmer about it. He looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Teresa we should have known food would stir him up. Glad his humor and health are getting back to his old self. The pig plans/comments from CT are in full swing. Just wait 'til our next visit :)

Love to all,


Theresa said...

Hilarious! would have scared me too! :o)

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."