Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Birthday

Ben is turning 10 tomorrow! I can't believe my "baby" is 10 years old! Where does time go???

Our kids get to have birthday party's on their "even" birthdays, so this was Ben's year to have a birthday party! We had a "Super Hero Training Camp" party on Saturday. He invited 8 boys and they all came! It started at 12:30 and they made their masks. Beth had made several different templates for them to choose from, and then they could decorate them any way they wanted. After the masks, they made posters for a little 10 year old boy named Seth who is having open heart surgery later this month. You can read more about him here. Ben really loved the idea of having everyone make posters for Seth. I came to the realization (again) though that boys really are very different than girls. If I had planned for the girls to make a mask and make a poster, I could have counted on at least an hour to do both of those things(probably longer). Some of the boys were finished after 15 minutes! And, yes, you can tell which ones by looking at their masks and posters. LOL

After that activity we were going to eat, but these dark clouds started rolling in, so we decided to do our outside activities first. They started out with calesthenics, then went to the monkey bars to see how fast they could cross them, then tug of war, and then relay races. By the time the boys finished all of these activities, they were famished. We had hot dogs, chips, carrot sticks and rootbeer. (guess how many kids ate carrot sticks? ONE!) Then we had cupcakes and ice cream cups for dessert. One of the kids suggested making rootbeer floats, so some of them did that.

Back outside for a little more play time, and then time to open the presents! Instead of the typical "open my gift first!" problems, I had them play a game. They all sat in a circle, and I gave one of them a miniature pumpkin (any small object will do). I turned on the music and they started passing the pumpkin. When the music stopped, Ben opened the gift of the boy holding the pumpkin. The kids loved it, and it cut down on a lot of annoying whining! ;o)

After the party, 5 of the 8 boys went with us to a Fall Fest out at a farm. A family in our Sunday school class has our class out every fall and we have hay rides and a chili/soup dinner. They clean out their barn and set up tables and hay bales and we have a great time talking, eating, and going on hayrides. We usually have a bon fire, but this year there's a burning ban because it's so dry.

Finally, both Ben and Beth had a friend spend the night. The boys had fun playing with Ben's new toys, and the girls and I drew/colored pictures for Seth until 11:30. :o) It's fun to sit down a draw pictures!

Happy Birthday, Ben! I love you!!!

No cake this year...just cupcakes (Much Easier!!!)

Here are some of the boys making masks. Neal's looking at the sky to see if it's going to rain! (It didn't, btw!!!)

Here are all the boys. Ben's the one in the short sleeve shirt and fist in the air!

Here they are passing the pumpkin.

One thing I forgot to mention is that each boy jumped on the trampoline and gave us their "super hero pose." I thought this one of Ben was cool, even though you can't see his head. "I'm FLYING!"

Ben running his relay. Go Ben!

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