Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We had our November birthday dinner at my in-laws last night, and I made this cheesecake. Perri gave me the recipe, and it is pretty good. I didn't process the graham cracker crumbs long enough, so the crust doesn't look too good. I also cut back on the amount of chocolate chips to one cup, and it was still rich enough.

Can anyone tell me how to move a cheesecake off of the springform pan bottom and onto a plate? I always keep it on the pan, but if I wanted to make one for someone else, I wouldn't know how to transfer it.


Perri said...

Put the bottom of the pan in the springform pan UPSIDE DOWN. This allows the cheesecake to just be slid off onto another plate or serving dish.

I buy pretty glass plates at yard sales during the summer to use as giveaway plates for my cheesecakes.

Teresa said...

So, before I bake I put the bottom in upside down and tighten it. Then I make the crust, filling, etc? I've never heard of this!

That's a great idea about buying the plates. I'll have to remember that!

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